Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Oh my.........

......where has the time gone? I can't believe I haven't posted for a whole year. I'd like to say so much has happened, but that wouldn't be the truth. LOL
Well, my daughter turned 18 this year, and now thinks she is grown up. Boy has she got a lot to learn! Elliot turned 16 and is having driving lessons, obviously not on the roads yet, it's on a private industrial estate, a organisation linked with the police and driving instructors. The kids and I went to Santorini, Greece in the summer for a week, we had a lovely time but Naomi bought home some kind of bug from Spain and we ended up going out there a little less than perfect! That didn't stop us having a great time though. We climbed a little mountain, cruised to a volcano and jumped off the big boat to go swimming in the hot springs, WOW it was just great, and NO mosquitos, that was a bonus. The appartment wasn't mush to write home about but it was clean and the lady that owned the complex was lovely.
Brian (hubby) he has written a book, a farmers/workshop manual. It has taken him over two years to write it and get it published, but it is now finished and going out on gerneral sale this month.
Well Christmas is apon us once more, I still have lots of cards to make or nobody will be getting one. Hmmm, they might not get one anyway if the postmen keep striking!
Well, I hope to be back a little sooner next time.